Dawn Diamantopoulos
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History Repeats
My ink drawings are layered levels of writings. Technically, I wanted these drawings to have the feeling of some etchings I had created in college. At that time, I used writings on separate levels of bitings, none of which were readily legible. The layering of writings and washes allows for some pieces to be visible and some to remain hidden. All of the layers support the theme of each piece, which is masked as the first layer, and therefore easily read.

I began this series, History Repeats, based on writings about a specific time frame. While looking for the theme phrases, I found that they applied to more than one area of my life. This brought to mind how history repeats itself and the George Santayana quote “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” I began to think of my life as a circle spinning, rather than a time line. The feelings and ideas in my head were being repeated and relived for entirely new reasons. The writings are very personal, like pages from my diary, but I have found that they are universally true.