Dawn Diamantopoulos
Crossroadsstillintosoftly belowfuture wishessomething about the currentcrashing throughthis is where the river turnsmiddle (of the) roadand then in a dreambinks' parka new startburgeoningwaterways and means to an enduncharted territorywaiting on a changewhat gets left behinddivisionanewthaw
#art365: heartland
The works in this current series began with a couple of small light studies featuring the local landscape. After completing several of these small paintings, I realized they were taking on a life of their own. The small paintings focused on capturing the ever changing light and color were becoming a series: #art365.
I have become more than a little obsessed with the minute changes in the local landscapes, especially a local prairie preserve. I work from memory, not on-site or from photos. Often, something will catch my eye while I’m out and I will head to the studio to paint it.
More recently, I have begun to work these ideas in a larger scale, which I feel allows for more emotional content. I began to think of these paintings as a journal, of sorts. I am starting to put more of myself into these bigger paintings. They are more than light. These newer pieces have a connection to my personal life which I've tied to the changes in the landscape: the heartland.